Caterpillar’s AP255 Paver

Caterpillar’s AP255 Paver is a choice machine for a variety of paving work, used by Louisville’s own Libs Paving Company. Compact and easily maneuverable, there’s a great deal to love about it. It has a wide paving range that, with extensions, can reach a width of over 11 feet. Whether we are paving cart paths, golf paths, sidewalks, parking lots, or cycle paths, the Caterpillar’s AP255 makes for an easy job. See below for a rundown of its central features.

What It’s Made Of:

The Engine

The AP255’s engine can deliver a gross power of 34.1 kW (46 hp m) while staying impressively quiet thanks to its core engine design. Its cooling system also ensures the engine runs reliably and efficiently. The paver’s operating cycles will be made even easier as well, with the engine’s fuel efficiency being optimized to match the cycles.

In the engine compartment is a wealth of features. Contained within is an air cleaner, a fuel filter (boasting a water separator and priming pump), engine oil filter and level check, and a battery. The operator can expect a long-lasting engine here, with standard service intervals of 500 hours. Servicing is single-sided and designed to make maintenance as painless as possible.

The Steel Track Undercarriage

AP255’s smooth mobility and stability are made possible by its steel track undercarriage. With a long track base and rubber-bonded pads, the machine can hold its traction on fairly soft base materials. In addition, it has a unique shock-absorbing system for creating track tension. 

Electric Screed Heat

The screed plates create quick and easy heating. On the machine is touch-pad technology where the operator can control the particular heating of each screed section and create an even distribution of heat. Its tractor-mounted generator runs at 12 kW at 240 VAC and ensures a quick heat-up. Its auxiliary power panel delivers 1.5 kW at 240 V.

The Machine in Action

Delivery and Flow

It only takes a single operator to do everything while enjoying comfortable ride-ability. The machine’s automated delivery brings a smooth mix to the screed as well as minimize spillage. Paving is done in a smooth flow, fast and efficient without sacrificing ease of maneuverability. Normally, it takes about two or three workers to operate a paver, so being able to control everything from the rider’s chair is a major benefit setting us apart from the competition allowing us to be as efficient as possible with our team.

Where To Take It

The Caterpillar’s AP255 can pave more narrow areas like golf, bicycle, and cart paths as well as bigger projects like parking lots. The screed is small enough to allow paving in places where other pavers may not be able to. A huge benefit to having this machine. It’s a large machine, but hardly clunky. Wherever the operator takes it, the paver will be able to twist and maneuver around with ease. It can handle a wide range of operating environments and weathers. Its cooling system ensures comfort even in the dead heat of summer.

Overall, Caterpillars’ AP255  has been a great addition to our asphalt paving company. With its single-operator requirement, small-to-medium width range, and smooth movement, this paver is an impressive and economical choice for a wide variety of paving jobs we manage.

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