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At Libs Paving, we not only provide Southern Indiana and the Metro Louisville areas with first class paving services, we produce our own asphalt and are asphalt suppliers as well.  At Asphalt Supply Company (ASCO), sister company to Libs Paving, we can control exactly what goes into our materials and what stays out. From quarrying the raw materials to perfect installation, Libs Paving will take your project full circle.  Beginning at asphalt production to designing, grading, paving and applying finishing touching such as pavement markings and bumpers, the Libs team embraces full control of your project from start to finish, leaving customers with custom asphalt solutions.  

As Kentuckiana’s Leading Asphalt supply company, our high production Indiana Department of Transportation  – certified asphalt plant ensures consistent and reliable product is produced for all asphalt projects we take on. 

Benefits Of Owning Our Own Asphalt Plant:

  • Cost control – no middle man, can offer lowest material costs possible.
  • Asphalt Mix control – We know every element in the asphalt mix we provide.  ASCO has developed over 30 custom asphalt mixes to meet a broad range of project types. 
  • Easy recycling – we reuse and recycle materials from our paving jobs.

We also are asphalt suppliers to other  paving contractors with asphalt that was produced at our own asphalt plant. Upon request, Libs Paving can also supply other commercial paving contractors with asphalt mix pick up.  Call today for current product pricing.

ASCO Asphalt Plant  – Featured In Publications

Libs Paving Co. and our Asphalt Supply Plant, ASCO, has been featured in publications! Check it out!

Asphalt Supply Company (ASCO) Completes Plant Replacement

Asphalt Plant Location


Rock Quarry
4700 Utica-Sellersburg Road

Sellersburg, IN 47172

Phone: 812-246-5484

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