Local Parking Lot Striping Services

Pavement Markings & Parking Lot StripingPavement markings is an essential part of maintaining a parking lot after paving or sealcoating. Used to communicate messages to roadway and parking lot users, our experienced professionals create direction and provide a strong safety factor.  Hiring an experienced professional, especially for layout and design, is important because a misplaced line or a bad layout can be hazardous to your future clients and customers. Libs Paving Company has the experience to deliver freshly painted, perfectly straight, and properly spaced lines to ensure that your parking lot is designed safely with your customer’s and you in mind.

Parking Lot Striping Process

In order to prepare your parking lot surface, we first make sure that it is perfectly clean of dirt and debris so that the paint will stick to the asphalt surface. Additionally, it is a good idea to seal any cracks that need to be filled. Often Parking lot striping will take place after sealcoating and crack filling. 

Libs Paving is one of the most experienced pavement marking contractors in Louisville and the surrounding Southern Indiana area. We offer complete parking lot striping services using professional line striping equipment and traffic grade paint. We can re-stripe over existing lines or implement a new layout per plans, along with name stencils, numbers and other ground markings. Our experts in pavement markings and striping create direction and provide a strong safety factor to your parking lot. We have been offering quality pavement markings for 50 years!  Call us today for an estimate.

Line Striping Services We Offer:

  • Parking stall & stencils
  • Numbers, name stencils
  • Custom made signs
  • ADA signage
  • ADA upgrades
  • Curb painting
  • Loading Zones
  • Raised pavement markers
  • Rubber or concrete bumpers
  • Barrier bollards

Parking Lot Striping FAQ

Why should I choose Libs Paving for my next project?

You should choose Libs Paving because we have been providing competitive and quality striping services in the Southern Indiana and a Greater Louisville area for 50 years! 

What are pavement markings?

Pavement markings are used to communicate messages to road users.  

Is striping my parking lot important to my business?

Absolutely!  Your parking lot is the first impression for your business!  Meticulous attention to detail and a focus on precision and accuracy of pavement markings ensures your parking lot looks flawless, but it also provides an improved customer experience.

Can you change the layout in my parking lot?

Yes, we can change your parking lot layout!  Our experienced professionals are happy to work with you to best utilize your space!  

How many handicap spots do I need to comply with ADA standards?

This all depends on the size of your parking lot. 

How often should I restripe my parking lot?

We recommend restriping a parking lot every 3-4 years when you complete your sealcoating and crack filling maintenance.  

How long will it take to stripe my parking lot?

It typically takes a few hours to stripe a parking lot, depending on the size of the project.  Our professionals are diligent to complete our work in a timely manner, eliminating as much downtime on the parking lot. Often we will stripe in a phased manner to allow for a portion of the parking lot to remain open during our work. 

How does the weather affect my schedule date?

Our professionals are used to working around the weather everyday!  We work with our valued clients to provide our services at the best time possible for their project.

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