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Supplying Quality Asphalt

At Libs Paving, we work to produce consistent, top-quality and cost-effective results for our customers – regardless of project size or scope. For 48 years, we’ve been providing commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers with our own quality asphalt because delivering the highest quality product to our customers is just how we operate!

Libs Paving is a three-generation family business that is consistently true to our values and processes for over four decades. We provide quality, expert service to all of our customers, whether residential and commercial, we take pride in our workmanship.

One way we are able to consistently deliver on our quality promise is by producing our own asphalt at our sister company, Asphalt Supply Company (ASCO). Having control of the material that goes into our product means we are able to create custom asphalt mixes for every job-uniquely created to cater to each project, and with no middle man, we are able to offer the lowest material cost possible. Our high production, INDOT certified, asphalt plant produces a consistent, quality product for all paving projects. Libs Paving Company together with Asphalt Supply Company provides quality products and service with benefits beyond the finished product.

  • Cost Control -There’s no middle man, which means that Libs Paving can offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost, these savings and quality product are passed directly on to our customers.
  • Mix Control- Asphalt is made of simple ingredients: stone, sand and gravel and held together by asphalt cement (a by-product of crude oil). Libs Paving knows first-hand that asphalt mixes are not one size fits all. ASCO offers over 30 custom asphalt mixes to meet a broad range of project types allowing us to work with our customers to incorporate a mix that will work best for each project.
  • Protecting Our Planet-Asphalt is 100% recyclable! Did you know that the asphalt industry is one of the top recycling industries in the country, reclaiming over 100 million pounds of asphalt material each year and recycling about 95% of it back into new product mixtures for various applications. We mill and grind up old asphalt and add the recycled material into the new asphalt mix, cutting down on the amount of natural resources used.

For more information about Libs Paving or Asphalt Supply, or to request a free quote on our next asphalt paving project, contact us at 812-944-8942 

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