Preparing Our Asphalt for the Winter

Tips for Asphalt This Winter

In the midst of putting up holiday decorations or clearing the driveway from the most recent snowstorm, it’s understandable we might forget about preparing asphalt for the winter. Given that asphalt is a mixture of various substances, it absorbs water. In colder weather, asphalt can balloon and freeze which causes cracking, potholes, or worse. Fortunately, Libs Paving has provided a number of maintenance tips to keep your asphalt intact this winter.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips: 

Maintain a Clean Asphalt Driveway

A clean asphalt surface is critical for its overall lifespan. Smaller driveways can be maintained easily with a broom. However, commercial parking lots may require professional cleaning. 

Cleaning asphalt is essential to prevent any damage in the wintertime. Consider the following:

  • When you sweep your driveway or bring in professionals, any potential cracks and potholes will be noticed before they become too large.
  • Any materials or objects left on asphalt have the potential to freeze in the winter. This could damage the surface.

Asphalt Repair This Winter

To prepare for winter, it is best to perform any needed asphalt repair on your driveway or parking lot. 

  • Sealcoating is proven to increase the lifespan of asphalt.
  • Crack sealing will prevent water absorption from cracking and damaging the surface.
  • Patch up any potholes with hot mix.

Be proactive when the cold weather hits so that your asphalt stays intact, free from cracks and potholes. When the time comes, remove all ice, snow, and slush from your asphalt surface as quickly as possible. If you have any asphalt maintenance related questions, contact Libs Paving Co for some more helpful tips!

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