Why You Should Consider Asphalt Resurfacing

Why You Should Consider Asphalt Resurfacing

You may have heard of the term “asphalt resurfacing,” and may have wondered how it differs from, say, asphalt repairing. What you need to know is that asphalt resurfacing (sometimes called overlay) is simply the addition of a new, 1.5-2 inch thick layer of asphalt over a preexisting one. 

Ideally, resurfacing is done when the existing layer of asphalt is under stable condition. Resurfacing should not be done over layers that have suffered excessive damage–there, a repair should be sprung for. 

Reasons For Asphalt Resurfacing

So why should you resurface your asphalt? One of the chief reasons is that asphalt resurfacing can put off the need to replace your asphalt by at least 8 years, sometimes even 15. You’ll need to replace your asphalt eventually–sometimes wear and tear gets to the point where a full-on replacement is required. 

Before resurfacing begins, asphalt milling over the surface will be done, which will remove the top layer of the asphalt that will be built over. It is not uncommon for smaller spot repairs to be done before resurfacing, too, so that the new surface is on as stable a foundation as possible. 

If you are looking for a great way to boost your property’s value without taking on a project as demanding as total asphalt replacement, then you should consider getting asphalt resurfacing done to keep your property looking and feeling good for around a decade or even more before getting a replacement done. 
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