Paving a Parking Lot in Jeffersontown

At Libs Paving, we recently undertook a pavement maintenance project that shows our commitment to resolving complex issues efficiently. The task at hand? A large office building parking lot in Jeffersontown, KY. How did we transform this Parking lot? Let’s go through the details.

Upon the initial inspection we discovered a multitude of problems plaguing the parking lot. Potholes marred its surface, water collected in pools, and the pavement had sections with significant alligator cracking. Our team knew we had our work cut out for us.

With our thorough approach, we pinpointed solutions that would not just address the problems, but also save money long term. By cutting out problem pavement areas and meticulously building up the base layer, we took the first steps towards restoration. Potholes were repaired, water drainage issues resolved, and a complete repaving of the lot was executed.

Client feedback was appreciated. A simple yet positive statement—”You guys were great. Thanks.” The project turned out great”.  We love to hear this type of feedback as we appreciate all local Jeffersontown residents/business owners who put their trust in our team at Libs Paving.

This parking lot paving Jeffersontown project stands as a testament to our team at Libs Paving. Through effective solutions, we transformed a distressed parking lot into a safe and functional space. 

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