Industrial Asphalt Milling Restores Jeffersonville, IN Railway

When industrial and municipal property managers need help with their pavement, they know that Libs Paving is the trusted asphalt company in Kentuckiana. Having seen one of our commercial pavement improvements, A Port of Indiana representative called us for our expertise in asphalt milling and installation. Facing the challenge of deteriorating 30-year-old pavement around their railroad tracks, the client knew our experienced crew could help.

Industrial Paving Solutions: Libs Paving Revamps Railroad Tracks in Jeffersonville with Asphalt Milling Services

Our pavement experts swiftly sprang into action. After a thorough site assessment and consultation with our Jeffersonville, IN property manager, we crafted a time-efficient and cost-effective plan to improve their railway involving asphalt milling and installation. With these repair methods, we were able to make the industrial railway look brand new for a fraction of the price of full-depth pavement demolition, removal, and repaving.

Employing innovative techniques, our team carefully excavated approximately 1800ft of debris and worn-out pavement surrounding the railway tracks. When we encountered problems with this site preparation, we even created a custom skid steer bucket attachment to make things move more smoothly. Indiana commercial property owners trust us for parking lot repair and road improvements because of this kind of dedication and innovative solutions.

Then, we used advanced milling equipment to remove the top layers and create a good surface for paving. Finally, we applied fresh asphalt to the area and compacted it to look seamless. Libs Paving saved time and money using asphalt milling instead of replacing everything. This helped finish the project faster and cost less, giving great outcomes. The refurbished railroad tracks offered a smoother ride and heightened safety for vehicles crossing the tracks, leaving our new industrial client thoroughly impressed with our paving expertise.

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For Kentuckiana property owners seeking durable repair solutions like asphalt milling, consider Libs Paving‘s expertise in industrial paving.

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