Locally Owned Paving Company

Libs Paving is a locally owned commercial paving company dedicated to be the asphalt paving contractor of choice for Southern Indiana and the Metro Louisville community. By committing to excellence in safety, superior quality, service and professionalism we are able to deliver the best asphalt paving services

Libs Paving Mission & Core Values

Our Mission & Core Values…What Is Truly Important To Us!


At Libs Paving, our culture, including every person from the site to administration, supports a team effort focused on safety first. We are committed to providing our Libs Paving family with a safe working environment, fair compensation, proper equipment, training, and opportunities to advance their career within our paving company.


Libs Paving instills a collective commitment to quality, always striving to put quality and safety at the forefront of every project we undertake.  Our entire Libs Paving team, works together to make every project a success – paying attention to the smallest detail with efficiency and accuracy.  We are committed to being a first-class operation!


At Libs Paving, every employee has something to contribute to the success of our team family. As a family owned and operated commercial paving company, this belief is key to the mutual success of our team. We are driven by continual improvements in communication and collaboration – How we interact, what we focus on, and how we respond to our co-workers, customers and business partners.


We are committed to conducting business with our clients with the highest level of integrity and honesty, taking responsibility and accountability for our work. At Libs Paving, we do what we say, living up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.


We listen to our customers and respond to their needs with timely solutions. Using the latest technology and equipment allows us to be flexible and available, completing projects efficiently.

Contact the Libs Paving Co. office at 812-944-8942 for an estimate from a locally owned paving company with a mission to provide the best possible paving services.  

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