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Gravel to Asphalt Driveway in Anchorage KY

Recently in Anchorage, KY, an extensive driveway project came our way. The task? Converting a long gravel and paver driveway into a smoothly paved asphalt driveway.

How did the client find us? A satisfied customer referred them.

The client’s problem was clear: a mix of dirt, gravel and pavers that lacked cohesion and functionality. They wanted a singular, streamlined surface – asphalt.

The project was implemented in sections. First, we removed the pavers and added base material. Next we built, graded and completed the base layer. This ensured a solid foundation for the asphalt. With a clean slate, and sturdy foundation, we proceeded to lay a fresh, even coat of asphalt. This transformed the once disjointed path into a unified, winding blacktop driveway.

The outcome? A smooth, new, asphalt-paved driveway that curves gracefully between trees. The client’s response to our work was the following: “We love it! Thank You!”

The new asphalt driveway not only looks good, it makes for easier driving and offers ease of maintenance. Consider asphalt for a smooth, lasting finish.

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