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Parking Lot Paving Project – St. Matthews

At Libs Paving, we thrive on turning asphalt challenges into success stories. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on an apartment complex in St. Matthews, KY. The client reached out to us seeking a solution for their deteriorating asphalt parking lot.

The existing pavement had fallen victim to a myriad of issues—water damage, potholes, and unsightly cracks. Our task was clear: restore functionality and aesthetics. We tackled this project systematically.

First, we identified problem areas and cut out the failed pavements. Next, we built up and graded the base layer to ensure lasting results. An important aspect of our solution was revamping drainage flow to prevent future water-related troubles. With these preparations in place, we laid down a fresh layer of smooth, durable asphalt.

We were very happy with the finished project. As was the customer. at the transformation, expressing their satisfaction with the finished project, “Well done. Looks even better than I thought it would!”

This project highlighted the importance of expertise and attention to detail in the world of asphalt paving. Our team at Libs Paving takes pride in not just fixing problems, but improving appearance and  functionality of pavement surfaces. 

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